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Genre: funk, rap, hip-hop
Target Audience: females, 16-30
People Compare our sound with : Parliament, Dr. Dre, Snoop Doog, Beastie Boys
Venues played: Crystal Ballroom, Roseland, Bossanova Ballroom, Dante's, Berbati's Pan
Band Size: 7 players: bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, trumpet, saxophone, vocals
Band Bio: Created in 2001 by brothers Jules and Ezra Holbrook, Dr. Theopolis grew out a fun party band into monster hit writing machine. The majority of its fans are females; approximately 70%. Besides looking the part of fly 70s pimps, Dr. Theopolis brings along a dancer whom they call "Mr. Fabulous." The sole role of Mr. Fabulous is to get "all fired up," ya dig?
Recordings: 13-song CD released August of 2002: The Voice of the Future
5-song CD released August 2003: The Playa' EP
14-song CD released November 2004: Astronomical
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Dsl/Cable: Fabulous MP3 (576kb)

Hi Res Band Photo Available:
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Stage Plot in PDF form

Band Facts/Bio in PDF form in Ms Word Doc
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Voice of the Future 10/02 (oregonian)
Voice of the Future 09/02 (InMusic)
Voice of the Future 10/02 (2louies)
The Playa EP 09/03 (InMusicWeTrust)
Astronomical 11/04 (oregonian)


Ez$/Soft G 09/02 (InMusicWeTrust)
Ez$ 04/03 (2Louies)
Ez$ Cover 04/03 (2Louies)


#1 album and track 11/02 (Church of NW Music)
The Doctor is In! 11/04 (Portland Tribune)


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